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Mappetizer is continuously being enhanced. So please have a look on this page for possible updates.

Mappetizer for ArcGIS 10.x/9.3

The current version of Mappetizer for ArcGIS 10.x/9.3 is version 11.4.3

Version 11.4
  • Order of the legend entries is changeable
  • Excel export
  • Own basemaps
  • Panoramio images can be shown on map
  • Enhanced map design (Responsive Design)
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.10.1
  • New version ImageMagick
  • bug fixes
Version 11.3
  • Scale based legends
  • Support of own basemaps
  • Query manager is available in full map mode
  • Help and Info is available in full map mode
  • Identify with or without field name
  • Copyright on the map
  • New legend design
  • Enhanced map design
  • One Dojo version for desktop and mobile
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.9.3
  • New version ImageMagick
  • bug fixes
Version 11.2
  • Enhanced title handling
  • Enhanced legend handling for layers in comboboxes
  • Using thumbnails for attribute images
  • Using of own system files
  • Choose of identify heading
  • Usage of an own css file
  • bug fixes
Version 11.1
  • Enhanced legend handling
  • Legend headings are wrapable
  • Grouplayers can have a description
  • Zoom extent around points can be set manually
  • bug fixes
Version 11.0
  • New map layout
  • New layout for overview map
  • New enhanced legend layout
  • View legends with combo box
  • Show legends for WMS-Layer
  • Better map navigation
  • See map in fullscreen mode
  • Enhanced graphs
  • Testing maps with different browsers
  • Cascading object search
  • Search functionality for parcels
  • Meta text within legend
  • License key for BingMap can be saved with Mappetizer wizard
  • Better support for UTF-8 charsets on web server
  • bug fixes

Mappetizer for ArcGIS 8.x/9.0/9.1/9.2

The current version of Mappetizer for ArcGIS 9.x is version 8.3.17.

Version 8.3
  • Enhancements in overview
  • Mouse wheel for zoomin and zoomout is now supported
  • WMS-Layer supports now EPSG:900913
  • Automatic change of field names now works with identify too
  • Hyperink fields in relates are now supported
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.4.3
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.2
  • Enhanced and customizable printing
  • Silverlight export is customizable
  • Location search for line and polygon layer
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.1
  • Option "Do not scale symbols" now available for PictureMarkerSymbols
  • Support of OpenStreetMap Tile-Images und requests on Wikipedia Geocoding Webservice (GeoNames)
  • Identify supports now GIF, PNG und JPG pictures within all fields
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.0
  • Support of Microsoft Silverlight format
  • Integration of the modular JavaScript library Dojo Toolkit, support of Dojo widgets
  • New written Javascript library with easier access
  • Multiple Identify (Ctrl key within new window option)
  • Extended measure tool (areas, summation)
  • One query manager for all layers
  • Support of hyperlinks in the attribute table
  • Zooming and panning are possible within the measuring procedure
  • JavasScript-functions now available within the identify tool
  • Aliases for hyperlinks
  • Bug fixes


The current version of Mappetizer is version 3.2.0.

Version 3.2
  • Web maps now visible on smartphones
  • Enhanced vectorlayer and rasterlayer tiling
  • Hebrew as new language
  • Fehlerbeseitigungen
Version 3.1
Version 3.0
  • Automatic tiling of vector layers
  • Automatic tiling of raster layers with with different zoom levels
  • Query manager
  • Support of WMS servers
  • Support of OpenStreetMap
  • Support of DXF format
  • GPX format is fully supported
  • Enhanced symbol editing
  • Symbols can be scaled
  • New export language turkish
  • Support of Dojo 1.5
  • Bug fixes

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