Cosmos in RGB - G

Cosmos in RGB - G (2014)


Spektralanalyse (2013)

Haus in der Ebene

Haus in der Ebene (2011)


Margarita (2011)

3 * Türkis

3 * Türkis (2010)

Quilt-Ausstellung - Auf frischer Naht ertappt

"Auf frischer Naht ertappt"

Ausstellung der Freisinger Schnipsis im Alten Gefängnis in Freising vom 4.-7. Dezember 2008.
Meine 8 Tischsets
Quilt Tischset8

Tischset8 (2008)

Quilt Tischset7

Tischset7 (2008)

Quilt Tischset6

Tischset6 (2008)

Quilt Tischset5

Tischset5 (2008)

Quilt Tischset4

Tischset4 (2008)

Quilt Tischset1

Tischset1 (2006)

Armin and I love the Diessener Töpfermarkt and we go there every year. Having bought so much pots, vases and other things over the years, we now start to buy dishware, to make a really colorful (or strange) table. Of each design we just buy one soup plate, one dinner plate, one cup, and so on. And I make the mats for each dish design.
Quilt Tischset3

Tischset3 (2006)

Quilt Ketten fesseln

Ketten fesseln (2008)

Quilt Kalenderbild Juni - Margerite

June (2007/2008)

This is the June for a calendar, a joint project of the Schnipsis (Freising). Each month has to be represented by a representative flower. I choosed the Oxeye daisy (marguerite).
Quilt Armins Winterquilt für den Sommer

Armins Winterquilt für den Sommer (2006)

Quilt Kalispell

Kalispell (2005)

It is not a real spectacular one, but it is my very first one. By accident I dropped in a quilt shop in Kalispell/Montana in 2005. Being overwhelmed of the huge amount of different fabrics (I have never seen that in Germany before) I decided to buy a kit there.